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Mother Earth gives birth to many plants & trees from which we(humans), our animals and every living being have benefited for many years. Benefits for our health, personal care, medicinal, food, animal care and much more in the name of Ayurveda, Unani, Rasayana, Homoeopathic, Organic, etc. But traditionally Cannabis in India has a long history. Hemp and India go back thousands of years, too. The Vedas, estimated to be at least 3400 years old, refer to it as one of the five most sacred plants. But as time passed on, from generation to generation the knowledge and the art of Vedas were fading away because new medicines took over for quick results of treating but leaving some side effects. We DR HEMP LLP(drhemp.in) not only gives you a healthy lifestyle but also sets your mind free from worrying about any side effects. DR HEMP LLP (drhemp.in) is an Ayurvedic, organic and natural personal and health care online store that believes in a sustainable lifestyle. Bringing you a wide range of HEMP products of CBD & Vijaya Leaf extract for your Skin & body, Hair, Fitness, Pain Management & Petcare(animal). DR HEMP not only brings you the benefits and knowledge but also brings you an opportunity to make a difference in the world. Two visionaries who believe in HEMP for a reason. The reason that will not only change your life physically and mentally but will also change the lives of children who can't afford education, shelter, food and clothes that's right! we share some percentage of our profit as well as allocate some percentage from every purchase, sharing it with kids and the homeless. Let's set an example and make the world a better place.


We truly believe in the benefits of using Hemp products on a holistic level to improve the quality of life for our consumers and educate them about the benefits of the our varied and exciting range.



Be a comprehensive marketplace fitting for all kinds of Hemp products under one roof and be a premier institution and bring affordable healthcare for all our consumers.


You might not immediately associate hemp and India, but they share a long history. Traditional hemp use in India stretches back thousands of years, with its origins in Ayurveda. Hemp and India go back thousands of years, too. The Vedas, estimated to be at least 3400 years old, refer to it as one of the five most sacred plants. Traditionally, hemp in India was used to prepare natural medicines, nutritional foods, and fiber to make textiles. Traditional hemp use in India is associated with Ayurveda, a holistic medical system that focuses on promoting good health and preventing illness through healthy lifestyle practices and herbal remedies. Ayurveda originated nearly 3000 years ago and elaborately characterizes different hemp plant parts for various curative purposes.

Benefits of Hemp

Hemp is a type of cannabis that is cultivated for its wide-scale application in material manufacturing and the nourishing quality of its seeds. Hemp seeds are rich in all the good kinds of essential fatty acids, have a very high protein content, are rich in vitamin E, and are well stocked with essential minerals like phosphorous, calcium, iron, and zinc. In short, hemp seeds are nature’s boon for your skin and hair.


Hemp seeds can keep your skin strong, shining, and blemish-free. The oil extracted from hemp seeds typically contains 50-70 percent linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid that cannot be synthesized by the human body alone and that helps build Ceramides - lipid molecules that keep the skin moist and strong, thereby preventing dryness and the entry of foreign materials and bacteria, which, as we all know, lead to a whole other problem - acne! But look no further, hemp seeds can help regulate that as well. Another fatty acid, Gama Linolenic acid, also found in hemp seeds, is vital to hormone regulation and can help control inflammation and those painful hormonal breakouts.


And don’t worry, hemp seeds will have your hair covered too, keeping it shiny, glossy, and strong! The linoleic acid is present abundantly in hemp seed oil is also great for hair. Healthy skin and hair are similar in that they are both composed of Ceramides that help keep them strong, smooth, and shiny. Additionally, the Gamma-Linolenic acid will have your hormones under control and you won't have to deal with excessive oil production and dandruff. Added to all this is the abundant supply of Vitamin E in hemp seeds. Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant that helps promote hair growth from the roots up, keeping your scalp healthy!


The hemp seed oil has been dubbed "Nature's most perfectly balanced oil" since it contains the perfectly balanced 3:1 ratio of Omega 6 (linoleic/ LA) to Omega 3 (alpha-linolenic/ LNA) essential fatty acids, determined to be the optimum requirement for long-term healthy human nutrition. Both the complete protein and the oils contained in hemp seeds (rich in lanolin and linolenic acids) are in ideal ratios for human nutrition. Hemp products are GMO-Free, Gluten-free, Herbicide & Pesticide free, peanut free, Vegetarian approved, Kosher certified, No THC, and Trypsin inhibitor-free. Hemp products have a wonderful nutty flavor that can easily be incorporated into your diet while providing a powerful daily supplement.



Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a cannabinoid that is found naturally in the Cannabis Sativa plant. Cannabinoids are powerful compounds that interact with the endocannabinoid system in our bodies. The endocannabinoid system is an essential network of receptors that connect the brain to the rest of the body. The effect functions like pain, appetite, moods, anxiety, memory etc. The CBD molecule interacts with the endocannabinoid system, mainly the CB1 & CB2 receptors. This process has many benefits such as preventing cancer cells from growing, acts as an antiseptic, protects your brain along with many other facets. CBD has proven to be beneficial for a multitude of health issues such as chronic pain, insomnia, PTSD, anxiety, epilepsy and more. Multiple research has shown that CBD has strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, anti-depressant, anti-psychotic, anti-tumoral, and neuroprotective properties. With various laws and regulations in place, CBD from the Cannabis Sativa plant is completely legal in India. CBD oil is made from the Cannabis plant’s flowers & leaves whereas, Hemp Seed Oil is made from Hemp Seeds. CBD oil is used in the space of holistic wellness as it balances out your endocannabinoid system allowing you to experience the plethora of its physiological benefits. Hemp Seed Oil is more nutritious and contains fatty Omega’s, amino acids, vitamins and many more minerals that will upgrade our daily nutrition.

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